Sharing Traditional Web-Based Content with Standards-Based LMSs

In this talk, we will go over what to do when faced with the challenge of delivering web-based content or training over to a standards-based learning management system. Many times, creators and organizations will reach a point where their users or customers would prefer your content in their own LMS. Instead of rebuilding your content using the standards, forcing them to use your system, or utilizing extensive development to link systems, we will look at using the “standards-based bridge” and how it can be more scalable for future growth.

Hear Andy Whitaker, Sales Associate at Rustici Software and Kyle Patmor, Director of Client Integrations and Support at Rustici Software, cover:

  • What is Content Controller?
  • What is Rustici Cross Domain?
  • What are some of the considerations with implementation?
  • A product demo of Content Controller and RXD

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