Putting impact-backed ROI at the heart of your learning ecosystem

In an ideal world, it would be easy to demonstrate the business impact of L&D. You’d apply a little training, give it a week or two, and watch the profits come rolling in! And in some circumstances, it can be (almost) that simple. But here’s the thing: even if your business case really is a straightforward one, you still need to understand how to measure the impact of your L&D work. The business case for learning won’t just fall into your lap—but, with the right approach to measurement, it can start to feel that way.

Our eBook covers a wide range of expert-backed ideas on how to demonstrate the impact of your learning ecosystem with an emphasis on the dollars, cents, and quantifiable metrics that your internal stakeholders want to see, including:

  • How economic and business uncertainties put pressure on budgets—especially for L&D investment.
  • Models for measuring the impact of learning.
  • The importance of planning your impact measurements around the metrics business leaders care about.
  • How to tell the story of your impact-focused learning investments and articulate the significance of key data points

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