How to import, launch and track xAPI packaged content from a SCORM-based LMS

Do you want to play xAPI packaged content in an LMS that only supports SCORM, AICC or LTI? You don’t need to add xAPI support to your LMS in order to deliver xAPI packaged content. There’s a great workaround for importing, launching and tracking xAPI courses in an LMS with limited support. It’s called Dispatch.

SCORM Cloud Dispatch lets you host xAPI packaged content in your SCORM Cloud account and send it to other LMSs as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or AICC, or as an LTI tool provider. That way, you can make your xAPI compliant content available to end-users in any LMS.

How to send xAPI content to LMSs that don’t support xAPI

  1. Sign up for a SCORM Cloud account. We offer a free trial plan to help you get started.
  2. Import your xAPI courses into your SCORM Cloud account.
  3. Create a Dispatch package for each xAPI package you want to make available via your preferred LMS. A Dispatch package is a shell of a course that’s imported into an LMS. You can export your xAPI package content as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or AICC, or as an LTI tool provider.
  4. Your end-users will log in to their LMS to access your xAPI content. When they launch one of your Dispatch packages from that LMS, they are brought over to SCORM Cloud, which presents the content to the end-user within their browser.
  5. When the end-user exits or completes the course, SCORM Cloud automatically returns them to their LMS. At the same time, SCORM Cloud shares completion status, success status, score and duration to the LMS. SCORM Cloud Dispatch additionally maintains a record of the end-user’s report, marking completion status, success status, score and duration as xAPI statements stored in your SCORM Cloud LRS.

You can sign up for a SCORM Cloud account here. Once you’re signed up, we’d recommend reading, “Can I Dispatch an xAPI Course” in our Knowledge Base to help you get started.

Want to add this support to your own application?

If you’re looking to add Dispatch functionality to your own application, we can help with that too. Rustici Dispatch connects with your application via an API, allowing you to maintain control of eLearning content while sharing it with other LMSs and learning platforms.

If you are an LMS vendor or maintain a custom LMS within your organization, we can also help you add xAPI support to your application. Rustici Engine integrates directly into your application to manage import and launch of SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC content.

Questions? Get in touch.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether SCORM Cloud Dispatch is right for you, or if you’re just having trouble getting started, we can help.