LOMA is one of the largest associations supporting the insurance and related financial services industries for over a century. They help over 700 member companies worldwide understand industry trends, inform their strategies, develop their talent, and create innovative solutions to support the insurance industry.

The challenge

In their continued member support, LOMA listened to learning and development leaders and found that text-based and longer courses aren’t always the best learning model for everyone. These same leaders wanted more high-quality “bite-size” training modules, and they did not want to require their employees to access the content from another platform.

To meet the evolving needs of their member organizations, LOMA developed its newest program, Industry Advantage to create flexibility and mobility among associates. This cost-effective subscription program features unlimited access to a deep library of more than 200 short, industry-specific courses with content on foundational and emerging topics.

LOMA initially intended to build a platform to deliver this short-form content to their members. However, after receiving feedback, LOMA realized they needed a more flexible way to handle a subscription model and meet member companies’ objective to centralize all learning within their existing platform.

Our customers said ‘The training is great, but we don’t want another platform. We want what’s in the box, but we don’t want the box.’

Gene Stone, 2nd VP, Professional Development

The solution

LOMA is an established Rustici Engine customer, so they reached out to their customer success manager for more information on options from Rustici Software, including Content Controller. Content Controller provides a centralized way for LOMA to manage their content, includes built-in licensing management to automate their subscription model, and offers an easy way to distribute learning content in their members’ chosen standard. Together, Rustici, LOMA, and a few of their members worked together to test the features and capabilities of Content Controller. They quickly realized that it was the solution for both their main challenges and their customers’ requirements.

We looked around for other software options. We didn’t find anything that really matched up. And we already had a relationship with Rustici, so we know what to expect from the company.

Gene Stone, 2nd VP, Professional Development

The benefits

Meeting members where they are now
LOMA put their members’ needs first and came up with a solution for them to use and track learning content in their own LMS or LXP. Now, LOMA can reach those members’ platforms regardless of their system’s required standard.

Adaptability to shifting customer needs and usage
With Content Controller’s licensing functionality, LOMA controls what courseware their members have access to and can enable and disable content access based on a subscription agreement.

Accessing the latest content version
LOMA’s members love that they have to upload a course only once and they’re done. Ongoing course updates take effect automatically through Content Controller’s versioning feature.

Increased flexibility
Because Industry Advantage courses are accessible in the members’ own LMS, members have the flexibility to create their own learning paths with the content and also run their own usage reports.

For us, it’s getting content to more people who need it, which both increases our reach and benefits our members.

Gene Stone, 2nd VP, Professional Development

The results

Industry Advantage is still a newer offering, but LOMA has already seen incredibly positive responses from the original members who helped test it and from members who signed on after the program launched. While they will continue providing traditional long-form designation courses and Instructor-Led training, they see Industry Advantage with its shorter content as the future of learning. The various styles of learning run in parallel to one another and will expose even more people and organizations to LOMA’s learning programs.

Key findings since implementing Content Controller in 2023:

  • Saved developer hours by purchasing existing software that met their members’ needs rather than building a dedicated delivery platform and were able to go to market in about five months.
  • Started with 195 courses averaging 15-20 minutes each and expanded that to 212 courses within three months of the program’s formal launch.
  • Partnered with 10 pilot companies to help shape the program and create a smoother onboarding process.
  • The program has seen over 6,600 course completions in the first six months alone, with a 91% satisfaction rating in on-demand access and a 99% satisfaction rating in learning effectiveness.
  • Among managers, 88% find that the content and delivery of Industry Advantage courses align with their organizational objectives.
  • 92% of learners would recommend the courses to a colleague and 80% will likely take more Industry Advantage courses.

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