The beauty of standards is that they allow for interoperability among the systems that adopt them. One standard gaining adoption is PENS (package exchange notification system). Simply put, it allows you to publish content from one system to another in just one click.

Claro, the web-based authoring tool from dominKnow, is one tool that supports PENS. Authors have the option of publishing their content to any LMS that supports PENS.

But the folks at dominKnow took it one step further. They built a custom integration indominKnow | ONE that links users directly to SCORM Cloud. Designed to provide a seamless distribution path, users can save their SCORM Cloud account credentials inside the dominKnow | ONE tool to streamline the publishing process.

When they’re ready, authors can easily build their content and then simply select “SCORM Cloud” from the publishing options, and dominKnow | ONE does the rest.

The challenge

dominKnow gives customers a simple and easy way to distribute content created using their authoring tool dominKnow | ONE.


  • Build content in dominKnow | ONE (includes HTML 5, mobile-friendly content)
  • Publish to SCORM Cloud with one click
  • Deliver courses directly to users, another LMS, or even a blog post

By partnering with Rustici Software, we were able to extend dominKnow | ONE capability to give authors a built-in distribution path. With SCORM Cloud, they have the ability to publish, deliver and track content over the web. dominKnow | ONE users can now invite learners directly to their courses, embed content into a blog or training site, and add content to single or multiple LMSs.

Paul Schneider, VP Business Development at dominKnow, Inc

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