Through a range of training products and software services, Convergence focuses on delivering high quality training experiences — from safety courses to sophisticated machinery and process training. Their use of 3D technology and virtual environments extends well beyond traditional pictures or video. Combined with the knowledge of leading industry experts, Convergence courseware stands alone in the product and compliance training space serving a host of industries, from consumer electronics, to mining and pulp and paper.

Course libraries are key assets for Convergence and protecting access to them is a primary concern. For customers without an LMS, Convergence offers a platform to deliver and track usage of their courses. For enterprise clients that prefer to centralize employee training within their own LMS, this approach presents a problem. Historically, Convergence provided clients with the course files and lost virtually all visibility to course usage and results.

Then Convergence discovered SCORM Cloud Dispatch, which allowed them to deliver the training through the client LMS, without ceding all control. Now, rather than handing clients a course file, Convergence delivers them a Dispatch package that allows the LMS to launch the training that remains hosted in SCORM Cloud. Not only can Convergence see who is accessing their courses, they can also track all of the interactions and user responses within the reportage feature. That data is then rolled back into their product review process, which informs development decisions and marketing strategies.

Along with controlling access to their content, Convergence also found the account management tools within SCORM Cloud helpful. By creating and linking multiple realms Convergence can easily manage multiple clients from a single, shared account.

The challenge

Convergence Training needed to increase training distribution and retain complete transparency to course usage.


  • Allow enterprise customers to deliver and track Convergence courseware from their own LMS
  • Provide Convergence with visibility to all course activity deployed from the client LMS
  • Access to in-depth reporting with real time user interaction data
  • Manage multiple clients under one account

SCORM Cloud Dispatch gives us the ability to deliver our courses into external systems, while still maintaining control of the files. It also provides in depth reporting and helps us make educated development and marketing decision to increase our customer base.

Kenny Della Valle, Operations Manager at Convergence Training

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