Cognota has had a simple mission since 2019, ​​to power learning operations for enterprises and enable L&D leaders to be a catalyst for growth at their respective organizations. This has led to creating first Learning Operations platform. The LearnOps platform allows corporate L&D leaders to make data-informed decisions and business cases while easing the technology burdens for their teams. It also streamlines a team’s most essential daily tasks like strategy, management, design, delivery and measuring learning programs in one platform. This helps their customers enjoy a more efficient workflow without requiring multiple tools and technologies.

The challenge

In the beginning, when Cognota’s founder Ryan Austin came into the industry, he saw how disjointed and time-consuming the process of building and managing L&D operations really was. This was especially apparent at the enterprise level as they tried to scale training with growth.

With Ryan’s idea in hand, they went out to build a better end-to-end learning operations tool that covers strategy, management, design, delivery and measurement. As the enterprise customers came in and company growth increased, they encountered two significant roadblocks.

  • The first problem was that some customers wanted to manage their content IP but deliver courses straight to SCORM based LMSs and provide seamless content updates right from Cognota
  • The second problem was that some customers simply wanted to convert their designed blueprints from the LearnOps platform using the SCORM eLearning standard and deliver it themselves.

These roadblocks, coupled with new customers, led them to need a trusted solution that could be implemented quickly and at scale so they could focus on the product’s overall design and go to market as soon as possible. The solution also needed to be adaptable to the company’s future goals of reaching new audience verticals and be integrated within the holistic LearnOps platform.

The solution

Cognota decided that buying delivery and conversion tools, and integrating them into their own platform, was the most cost-effective and time-effective solution. Through unique connections with Rustici Software’s customers, they discovered Rustici Cross Domain and then Rustici Driver.

Rustici Cross Domain, allows Cognota’s customers the ability to deliver both standards-based and non-standards-based content straight to any SCORM-based LMS using the management pieces of their platform. It also allows Cognota and its customers to make updates to courses or content that quickly transfer to the LMS of their choice.

Rustici Driver, meanwhile, allows their customers to package content in the SCORM eLearning standard using the design tools of its platform. This enables customers the option to deliver the entire content package instead of a proxy file like Rustici Cross Domain.

The benefits

Content distribution made simple
That distributing Cognota’s customer courses and content out was as simple as pushing a button was a breakthrough. Rustici Cross Domain allows their customers the flexibility to meet their users where they are and in their preferred system.

Standards without a technical lift
With the combined power of Rustici Cross Domain and Rustici Driver, building a platform that handles standards on the way out to other learning systems is a thing of the past. Cognota has not only opened more possibilities for its current customers, but also expanded its potential audience reach.

Adaptable implementation & expert support
As their business grew and customers’ needs changed, they wanted a solution that can adapt just as quickly as they do. With integrative tools, intuitive implementation and expert support teams, Cognota knew they could take the next step toward growth with Rustici Software helping them behind the scenes.

“That's a good partnership to have when you can rely on your vendors as a trusted partner to help you think through business growth.”

Ryan Austin, CEO and Founder

The results

Since implementing Rustici Cross Domain and Rustici Driver into their platform, Cognota has not only seen great results but has also set the stage for growth in its LearnOps platform.

  • Cognota saved at least 12 months of development time and labor costs associated with hiring a team to build the capabilities that Rustici Software products bring.
  • Implementation and integration allowed their team to get the product up and out to market immediately.
  • The ongoing support burden on their own teams is minimal having Rustici products under the hood.
  • The company has now reached new heights with a team of more than 50 people and over 6,000 users worldwide.

"I think the low support ticket volume demonstrates success. Rustici hasn’t heard from us in a while and that's a good thing. Our ticket volume is very low, and even lower with you guys backing us."

Ryan Austin, CEO and Founder

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