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The challenge

BLR had clients that were using more registrations than purchased, or not renewing and continuing to use after their contract has expired.


  • BLR used to give SCORM source files to their customers
  • These source files were licensed on a time limit basis or registration number limit basis
  • There was no way to enforce licenses
  • Using SCORM Cloud Dispatch, BLR could cut off access to their courses for clients that used more registrations than allowed with their licenses, or for clients that used courses longer than allowed with their licenses

I speak for many here, from sales to production, that are absolutely thrilled to be able to have this technology, and only wish that we could have employed it years ago!

Before using SCORM Cloud, we never had a client call us to add more licenses, and many would not renew their contracts, probably because the courses kept working for them. We’re just getting to the point where we can actually expire people (hitting the 1 year mark for some people with a 12 month contract), and three clients have already had to call in to negotiate new contracts (normally we’d be calling them at their mercy to call us back).

Another trend I’ve noticed, people who we’ve migrated that have actually renewed from a previous contract where we gave them the raw SCORM files drastically underestimated the number of registrations they needed, or just purchased much less than they needed because they had no problem in the past (i.e. purchasing 50 and really needing/using 500).

Sean Tenney, Lead Training Producer at BLR

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