The challenge

A world leader in the medical device industry needed to overhaul their product training platform. Instead of building a training strategy limited by the parameters of a traditional LMS, the organization wanted to create a solution driven by the needs of their learners. So, they turned to Aura Software. To ensure they supported SCORM, Aura leveraged SCORM Cloud’s WordPress plugin.

Working with Rustici is great; they make it go. The speed and precision to which they respond to support and feature requests is world class, and several notches beyond the industry standard. The fact that they are awfully nice people is just icing on the cake.

Bret Weinraub, Founder & CEO at Aura Software

The solution

To create a comprehensive solution without compromise, Aura Software selected WordPress as the foundation for their solution and leveraged the CMS’s rich plugin architecture for virtually limitless flexibility. To address the requirement to support SCORM content, Aura uses the SCORM Cloud WordPress plugin. This allows the training managers to deliver and track SCORM content, while maintaining a flexibility and portability they had not seen with traditional LMS models. This combination allows Aura to address the immediate needs of the training managers and allow for future development. Now, Aura’s client has a unified, modern, and flexible learning platform designed to meet the various needs of different product groups, with room to grow.

The benefits

A collaborative working relationship

Aura works closely with the team at Rustici Software to share feedback on functionality and user experiences. Their software expertise and familiarity with WordPress help identify areas for expansion to the original plugin design.

The ability to extend the extension

The SCORM Cloud plugin is open source, so Aura can customize it to meet their client’s specific needs. It is this ability that allows them to say “yes” when their client wants to add new functionality. When they wanted to create distinct, role-based learning paths, Aura developed additional code to provide administrators with course assignment control, allowing them to build the desired customizable, role-based curriculum plans.

Simplified content management

WordPress makes it easy for the training team to manage their content. The SCORM Cloud plugin extends this further with a seamless way to import and deliver SCORM content.

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