Bright by Aura Software is a customizable platform used in conjunction with a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress or Drupal, to turn any website or mobile app into a centralized learning experience. From major universities and niche industries who need a single place for learners to take online training to publishers who are creating and selling their courses, Bright can be used in many ways for different clients.

The challenge

Time and time again, Aura heard about the shortcomings and dissatisfaction that many people had with their current Learning Management System (LMS). Those companies had custom business requirements, were dealing with a large volume of administrative issues, and struggled to get learners to complete courseware. Additionally, customers wanted to future-proof their eLearning projects against both evolving eLearning standards as well as shifting project requirements that might otherwise necessitate that they migrate to a new platform. Aura wanted to provide a flexible alternative to the typical out-of-the-box LMS. The Bright platform provides a stable and reliable content player allowing their clients to focus on creating engaging content instead of worrying about why their courses don’t play correctly.

The solution

By developing an integration with the SCORM Cloud API into the Bright platform, Aura Software enables training managers to deliver and track standardized eLearning content, while maintaining a flexibility and portability they had not seen in a traditional LMS. This combination allows Aura to address the immediate needs of the training managers and allow for future development. Now, Aura’s clients have a unified, modern, and flexible learning platform designed to meet the various needs of different product groups, with room to grow.

SCORM Cloud is the bedrock behind Bright. Knowing they've got the eLearning standards side of the equation locked down lets us focus on building the most flexible and reliable learner-facing platform we can. We also know Bright's course delivery scales seamlessly because SCORM Cloud scales seamlessly.

Bret Weinraub, Founder & CEO at Aura Software

The benefits

Adaptability on how learners access content

Bright’s flexible design can fit each client’s business use case with the CMS of their choice. This provides a custom learning environment tailored to what matters most to them, whether that be user experience, business rules, or integrations. These adaptations can be assembled either as customizations in the Bright platform or via the plugin/extension system in the customer’s CMS.

All-in-one platform to test, play and distribute eLearning

All of the functionality of SCORM Cloud is available in the Bright platform. Users can test their courses, then go distribute their content through multiple channels from a single location in SCORM Cloud, including through SCORM Cloud Dispatch, web delivery and e-commerce.

Most reliable and comprehensive standards support

Backed by the eLearning standards experts at Rustici Software, users don’t have to worry about the complexities of SCORM, AICC, xAPI or cmi5. All iterations of the standards are supported through Bright’s integration with the SCORM Cloud API.

Seamlessly launch content across the world

With SCORM Cloud’s built-in Content Distribution Network (CDN) support, international learners can securely launch eLearning content stored on servers in their own geographic region without any speed or performance issues.

The results

Since implementing the SCORM Cloud API in 2011, Aura Software has launched close to 1 million courses across 21 project implementations. With 20+ active customers, it’s typical for tens of thousands of courses to get launched without having any support requests. To truly see the improvements the Bright platform has brought to it’s clients, let’s take a look at two of Aura’s customers, Louisiana State University and Immersed Technologies.

A professor at LSU needed a way to deliver and track chemistry courses to their students. After moving from Moodle to the Bright platform, all the grading errors were eliminated and now the students’ learning can be correlated to their success on final examinations. This was a similar situation for Immersed Technologies, a leading provider of training for the public transit industry. They were unhappy with their current LMS solution as it lacked capabilities. Now with Bright, they’ve successfully completed two pilot programs and saved significant time streamlining their course administration.

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