180 Skills is changing the face of technical education. Working in partnership with community colleges and manufacturers, the team at 180 Skills develops online training programs that cover everything from manufacturing processes to virtual machine simulations. These courses are distributed by local community colleges as part of their job skills training programs. The 180 Skills methodology ensures that the student understands the skill or device before they spend valuable lab time “learning how to use it”.

Previously, 180 Skills had to deliver their courses as individual files to each institution. They wanted to streamline the distribution process and keep an eye on how many students were using their training. They found a solution using SCORM Cloud and the Dispatch feature.

With Dispatch, 180 Skills hosts their courseware in SCORM Cloud, but the students launch the courses directly through their school’s LMS. While it’s not magic, it is pretty cool — here are the details on how it works. Now, 180 Skills has a centralized area to manage their content and handle any updates to the course in one step. They can also keep track of which students (and how many) have taken their training — something they didn’t have visibility of before.

The challenge

180 Skills needed to control the quality and delivery of skills based training to schools around the country — from a single distribution point.


  • Centralized course hosting with SCORM Cloud
  • One step process to push content updates to multiple distribution points
  • Controlled course access and usage
  • In-depth reporting to track training effectiveness

Dispatch has enabled us to break free from the burden of having to manage courseware across multiple LMSs. Dispatch has reduced our support expenses and has helped our academic partners reduce the hosting fees they normally have to pay to LMS providers. SCORM Cloud and Dispatch align perfectly with our corporate mission of 'simplifying the complex.'

Joe Kitterman, CEO at 180 Skills

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