The benefits of using Twine

  • Enjoy robust and reliable SCORM support in SAP LSO

    Twine supports all iterations of SCORM, from SCORM 1.2 to SCORM 2004 4th edition. Using Rustici Engine behind the scenes, Twine provides a more compatible content player and consistent tracking solution, reducing issues with lost progress and courses dropping intermittently.

  • Add xAPI support to SAP LSO

    Twine features full support of xAPI, including a built-in Learning Record Store (LRS), so your SAP learning environment is future-proof. With Twine, SCORM and AICC data is even converted to corresponding xAPI statements.

  • Integrate your brand into SAP

    The Twine content player can be branded to fit your organization so you can ensure learners know they’re engaging with your company.

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Learn how Lockheed Martin uses Twine

Using Twine, Lockheed Martin is able to deliver their learning environment, built on the SAP Learning Solution (LSO), on any device. After receiving a directive to deliver all of their training via mobile applications to 97,000+ full-time employees and contractors, Lockheed Martin needed a way to ensure learners and managers could easily set training requirements, take training and acknowledge completions. Using Twine, Lockheed Martin has been able to achieve their company’s vision of delivering mobile-friendly training.

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Questions about Twine?

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