Jim Ingram next to an angry bear mask

It’s an opportunity to be around incredible people who choose to share a part of themselves each week.

Rustici Software has been my professional home for many years because for that entire time it’s been a place that I enjoy being. Why? It’s certainly not because I’m passionate about learning standards. And it’s not just because I enjoy the challenge of understanding and solving problems, though that’s part of it. Another part is I like the feeling of being trusted to take on new challenges, and being given opportunities to do so. (After spending most of my 20s working dead-end retail jobs, being treated like an adult in the workplace isn’t something I ever take for granted.)

But primarily, it’s because this job is more than just the work. It’s also an opportunity to be around incredible people who choose to share a part of themselves for 40 hours each week. It’s getting to know the lovable weirdos who also decided that this is the place they want to spend a third of their waking hours each weekday. It’s the little interactions that help build rapport and trust between colleagues, and enable them to do great work together. It’s talking about how gross but lovable dogs are with Tammy. It’s watching Michael set ridiculous challenges for himself and then try to see them through. (You’ll get that aluminum foil ball into the trash can someday, buddy.) It’s riffing on dumb jokes with Reed, making 80s movie references with Brian, talking about board game Kickstarters with Joe, and groaning at Andy’s terrible jokes. It’s so, so many games of ping pong and crokinole. And it’s finding opportunities to be excellent to each other, like doing some “Charlie work” cleaning up the dumpster area with Chris at the old office, or emptying a dishwasher, or just changing the toilet paper roll. All those things and more are what make the work meaningful: I do the work because I care about the people. And I always try to remember that.

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Joe Donnelly holding a wreath

I love the independence to do my work when and where I please.

I’ve known Tim and Mike (the original owners of Rustici Software) a long time. We all worked together at a different company. Mike and Tim left to start Rustici Software, but we stayed in touch. I really enjoyed watching what they were building, and not so secretly, I wanted to be a part of it. I messaged Tim quite a bit, letting him know that I would be willing to start out by being their cleaning service. I told him I wouldn’t need a desk. I even told him I would use my own computer.

Eventually, they gave in.

I’ve been at Rustici for just over 10 years. I’ve said in the past, when interviewing at other companies, that I felt like I had just done my last job interview. When I sat with Tim and Mike the first time, I knew it.

I love the independence to do my work when and where I please. I’ve worked at other jobs in the past where if “your butt is not in the seat at the office, you obviously aren’t working”. This has been a nice change of pace…there are days where working from the house works better for me.

If you asked me early on, I would say my favorite lunchtime game was darts…a few years ago, probably pong. Now it is Magic (The Gathering). Some things change, but working here has always been great.

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Tammy Rutherford wearing cycling gear

Hire smart people and let them do their thing

Many companies tout a commitment to core values or display an elaborately overworked mission statement — but it’s rare when you see a company truly walk the talk. Where Rustici Software stands out is that our work environment and how people are treated is a visible thing — from the daily pong tournaments to the final hour sprint to finish a project. It’s not just a mission statement posted somewhere. It’s baked into our culture (and the cookies that come with it).

When I first met with Mike and Tim, the thing that really sold me on Rustici was that they hire smart people and let them do their thing. And we all learn from each other every day.

I welcomed the chance to work with talented folks that know their stuff and manage to have fun while doing great work. They don’t just talk the talk — they really embrace the mindset that work hard and play hard can coexist — and great things happen when you apply this formula.

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Andy Whitaker wearing a cat mask

What is this place? I found myself yelling at my monitor... and how do I get a job there?!?

A few years ago, my good friend was hired on at Rustici Software. At the time, I was really happy for him. I didn’t know anything about Rustici, personally, but I was glad that my friend was gainfully employed. This all changed on his second day. He started posting work pictures on his Facebook. First, a pic from a disc golf outing. Then a few days later it was a bowling and beer outing. Fast forward two weeks, he shares a picture of a pizza and beer lunch… 7 days later he posts another shot from the disc golf course. “What is this place?” I found myself yelling at my monitor… and how do I get a job there?!?

One year later, a position opened up at Rustici that I thought I’d be a good fit for, and I went for it. I didn’t know anything about SCORM or this new Tin Can thing, but I studied my ass off, and I got the job! From my friend’s Facebook pics, and subsequent conversations with him, I knew Rustici had to be a great place to work. But the pics only tell half of the story. That half is that we have a ton of fun here. We all love coming to work everyday. The other half is that everyone here is super smart, and all work incredibly hard (though we’re not overworked.) Prior to joining Rustici, I thought this would be an exceptional place to work — now there’s no doubt about it!

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