LINGOs is a consortium of over 60 international humanitarian relief, development, conservation and health organizations. They provide the latest learning technologies and courses from partners so their non-profit members can increase the skill levels of their employees, thereby increasing the impact of their programs.

While LINGOs provides a robust, hosted platform to administer the courseware, some members have additional needs that require using another LMS solution. For those organizations, LINGOs needed a way to deliver their course library to the member’s external LMS, while still controlling access to the content.

The Solution

LINGOs partnered with Rustici Software to manage the delivery of the content. By using the Dispatch feature within SCORM Cloud, LINGOs member organizations can access the LINGOs course library within their own SCORM-compliant LMS while LINGOs continues to retain control of distribution and access to the content.


  • LINGOs members have access to content from premium content partners
  • Some of the members want to deliver that content through their own LMSs
  • LINGOs uses SCORM Dispatch to deliver content to other LMSs and still maintain control over who has access to the content

Rustici Software has been tremendously supportive of LINGOs. The SCORM Dispatch product has been an invaluable tool for us. It has enabled us to maintain control of the intellectual property that has been generously made available by our corporate partners, while allowing our members to make independent decisions regarding the LMS that best suits their needs. SCORM Dispatch allows us to accommodate those decisions without costly and time-intensive custom interfaces.

Eric Berg, Executive Director at LINGOs

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