Electronic Arts, a global leader in digital interactive entertainment, has over 100 million registered players that subscribe to games ranging from The Sims to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. To ensure the best possible user experience, EA provides help along the way with a support team of Game Advisors to answer questions from how to manage your badges to installing voice chat.

Historically, EA had provided classroom training for these Advisors, but as the team grew, a move to an online training format became the necessary next step. The long term plan included a full blown talent management solution, but EA needed something to bridge the gap during the 6 month implementation. Bringing on more Game Advisors to support the launch of Battlefield 3™ made getting a solution in place quickly an imperative.

So, what do you do if you have to deliver and track training to 1,500 reps, and want it done yesterday? The training team at EA found the answer through SCORM Cloud.

The challenge

EA needed to be up and running in minutes to train customer service representatives on new video game releases.


  • Using the bulk import feature, EA uploaded all of the representatives in one step
  • Game Advisors are managed into distinct groups using tags
  • Training is sent to each Advisor using the bulk invitation feature and a Private Invitation
  • Game Advisors launch the training directly from their email
  • EA uses the Reportage feature to track completion by course and Game Advisor

The way you reacted to our needs was phenomenal. I personally enjoyed working with your organization.

Kyle Chambers, EA Game Expert Training

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