Standards Evangelist

Are eLearning standards your passion? Do you geek out when it comes to xAPI? Do you have a working knowledge of the various eLearning standards in use today? If so, we want to talk to you. We’ve spent the past 15 years specializing in eLearning standards, starting with SCORM and now focusing on the Experience API and other standards bodies. The work we do centers around the eLearning community, providing software solutions to help learning systems work well together.

To help xAPI continue to gain traction, it needs help from the community to focus on what we need to do to encourage adoption- across vendors and organizations alike. The right person for this position should have a technical, working knowledge of xAPI and understand the role that it plays in the eLearning ecosystem. Additionally, you would be working across other standards bodies outside of xAPI. 

What you might do in this role:

  • Manage our websites that focus solely on providing tools and resources to support xAPI and SCORM (see: and
  • Participate in various community groups and cohorts within the eLearning industry and represent Rustici Software within the various standards bodies.
  • Write, write and write some more about how to make use of the eLearning standards.
  • Work across groups internally to advise our technical and non technical teams on the state of xAPI and other emerging standards 
  • Have opinions on xAPI and where we should go next

How to apply?

If this sounds like work for which you are well suited, we want to talk to you! Tell us more about why this role is interesting and how you would approach this work. Stories are much more interesting than resumes around here.

Start a conversation: Email Us