Office Manager and Employee Happiness Creator

Rustici Software is a great place to work…one of the best in Nashville. (Voted Nashville’s “Best Places to Work” for the ninth year.) One of the things that makes us a great place to work is the way we care for our employees.

We need someone to care for our folks by making their lives easier. Supporting our people is important because it frees them up to do their best work. That means doing some or all of the following:

  • Keep the office clean and organized
  • Provide complimentary concierge services to all employees, including running errands
  • Stocking the office with all of the ridiculous things we have for people, like TJ’s favorite yogurt, or Tammy’s preferred burrito
  • Organizing events that make one day feel different from another
  • Provide personal assistance to anyone who needs it, ranging from paperwork, to receiving deliveries, to welcoming guests, to booking travel
  • Helping out with Jenafits

This work might be done by someone full-time, two part time people, or a full-time and a part time person. There are about 40 people to care for, and it’s hard work, but people will appreciate you. We’re flexible about who the right person is because we care a lot about finding people who will make working here better every day.

The ideal person for this job is extremely well organized, flexible, easy going, cheerful, and has a servant’s heart. Seriously, our people need coddling.

How to apply?

We don’t require previous job experience, but let us know what about you makes you qualified for this job. We need to know why you would be the perfect fit for this job, and for Rustici Software.

If you just submit a resume, we’ll ignore it. Please tell us why we should hire you and why this job matters to you.

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