Technical Community Manager

We are looking for someone to join our team that is focused on our work with the eLearning standards and the community as a whole. Do you like the idea of cultivating industry relationships and spreading our goodwill across the eLearning community?  Do you want to help both Rustici Software and the Industry shape how the standards evolve? If so, then we’d love to talk.

What does this role look like?

Relationship building, product marketing, writing, strategy, support- if you like a wide variety of challenges, then this role might be right up your alley. Some things you might do:

  • Participate in various eLearning working groups where we’d like to be more active, but just don’t have the bandwidth. This is where you come in.
  • Provide relevant and useful resources to the eLearning community through our dedicated standards support sites- and
  • Share real world use cases of how companies are using xAPI and other eLearning standards today.
  • Represent us at various conferences- from speaking about the standards to meeting with other industry peers in person.

Note: If you think this position sounds a lot like the Standards Evangelist role, you’re right! We’ve written this a few different ways as the right person for this role could discover us by looking at this from either a standards perspective or from a more general, community centric approach. In either case, we want to talk to the best folks around- is that you?

How to apply?

Tell us more about you and what makes you a great candidate for this role. Stories, writing samples, and other examples of relevant work you have done are all great places to start.

Start a conversation: Email Us