Key Account Manager

What does the Account Manager do?

We’re looking for someone to help us continue to foster relationships with our growing list of clients in the eLearning space- from LMS providers and Content Publishers to Corporate and Government accounts.

The right person for this position is someone willing to jump right in and get to know our customers. As a Key Account Manager, you’ll get to understand what problems we help solve, discover if we can help solve more and different problems, and most importantly, ensure that our customers are delighted to work with us.

What will help you thrive:

  • A passion for developing relationships — extroverts might be best, but we have some really talented introverts that work here too.
  • A curiosity for learning both our business and our clients’ business, and learning how we can better serve our existing customers.
  • The ability to move fast — we have a lot of accounts for you to get to know.
  • Excellent communication skills — you’ll be spending a lot of time contacting our customers.
  • Stellar organizational skills — you’ll be dealing with many contacts and contracts.
  • An open mind to try new things and willingness to fall down occasionally.

Our products and services are incredibly technical – we specialize in eLearning system interoperability after all. And our customers tend to be highly technical, so experience working with software companies and reaching a technical audience is a plus. While the ideal person doesn’t have to know javascript or code (we have plenty of folks that do that and do it really well), an understanding of software products and how to communicate complex technical solutions is pretty important. Yes, we said technical a lot there – it is key to the problems we help people solve.

Why us?

You want to work here, trust us. Over the last 14 years, we’ve built this company to be a place at which people want to work. We have the accolades to show for it — we’ve won the Nashville Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award 8 years in a row. Our culture, our people, and our benefits are unrivaled — you can read more about that stuff here. (Make sure to check all of the navigation tabs on the left…they’re important.)

How to apply?

We’re exceptionally picky, so make sure to do your homework — know who we are and what we do — then email with this information:

  • Proof of your abilities (this varies depending on who you are…)
  • Stories, links, etc… something that conveys your competence
  • Why you want to work here
  • A resume, if you want

To read legal stuff about working with us, check this out.

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