• Tim Edwards


    His name is Tim, but we already have a Tim, so what are we going to call Tim Edwards? Tim E? Time? Tedwards? Ted? We’re going to try a few out and see what sticks. We decided on Tedwards.

    Tedwards has taught us that peanut butter is good on hamburgers, and while we’re on the food front, it’s worth noting that he likes to put Sriracha sauce on everything. (Yeah, that’s another hot sauce lover*, if you’re keeping tally.)

    During the first fall in our new office, we repeatedly saw wild turkeys roaming in our back parking lot. Tedwards wanted to get bird seed to scatter about for them, but Tim (Martin, the other Tim) said no. (I guess he didn’t think it would be a great idea to encourage the turkeys to make home in our parking lot, or something like that.) We appreciate that about Tedwards, though. He’s thoughtful, asks questions, and has a big heart. For wild turkeys, anyway.

    He’s in the Dev Ops role, so he’s the one that makes sure that all of our products are always online, working, and that they’re running as efficiently and quickly as they can.

    *See Cody Hazelwood, Josh Hoffman 

    A little over a month ago I joined the Rustici team.

    I am a slow judge of character, but one thing is clear — the people here are real.

    The lack of the typical office pretenses allows us be ourselves and to do excellent work. The organizational structure is fairly flat, which negates any need to try to step on anyone to climb up the org chart. “Dress for success” or “dress for the position you want, not the position you have”, you can forget those pretenses too. The owners wear t-shirts and shorts most of the time (and sometimes they have shoes on too). Here, you just need to remember to “be excellent”, and you will fit right in.

    Most "cool" workplaces offer benefits like a ping-pong table, lax vacation policies, free food, and all of those nice things, as a carrot. The catch is that by offering those “cool” things, they expect more hours of work out of you. Here, the perks are just there because they make your work life (and home life) better, and it is the right thing to do. As I said, I’m slow to judge, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that at Rustici Software, that’s just how it’s done.

    All of the other employees have said great things about Rustici Software, and it must sound unreal. It seems impossible to really have this nice of a place, this great of a company, and this amount of amazing people under one roof. But, this is, hands down, the best place that I’ve ever worked.