• Tammy Rutherford


    Tammy knew what SCORM was several years before she had even heard of Rustici Software, and she’s not even a standards dork. (For standards dorks, see Clark, Ben and Miller, Brian.)

    Tammy also instills fear in Rustici Software employees because she can run, or swim, or bike, forever. We mean it. She’s an Iron(wo)Man many times over! It is this persistence and attention to detail that attracted us to Tammy in the first place. Tammy wears a bunch of hats around here but chances are, if you are a customer of ours, you’ve come into contact with Tammy at some point.

    Many companies tout a commitment to core values or display an elaborately overworked mission statement — but it's rare when you see a company truly walk the talk. Where Rustici Software stands out is that our work environment and how people are treated is a visible thing — from the daily pong tournaments to the final hour sprint to finish a project. It's not just a mission statement posted somewhere. It's baked into our culture (and the cookies that come with it).

    When I first met with Mike and Tim, the thing that really sold me on Rustici was that they hire smart people and let them do their thing. And we all learn from each other every day. I welcomed the chance to work with talented folks that know their stuff and manage to have fun while doing great work. They don't just talk the talk — they really embrace the mindset that work hard and play hard can coexist — and great things happen when you apply this formula.