• Suzanna Best


    Around the same time that Suzanna started working with us, a mysterious package showed up at our door. It was a Himalayan salt lamp, and we couldn’t figure out who ordered it. It was Suzanna.

    Suzanna likes reading young adult science fiction, and going to movies by herself. She dislikes standup comedy.

    She has two cats, and manages a Facebook page about cats. She’ll probably let you join if you want to. She also sponsors a bat in a Texas animal rehab center. His name is Mr. Kitty. She’s clearly an animal cat person. (Update, May 2017: Suzanna seems to have been the founding member of the Friendship Feline Fan Club. See Tara Morey for more information.)

    Suzanna is working with our services team and our account management team. That means that if you’re a customer of ours, you might get the privilege of talking to her.