• Reed McLean


    Reed has the same name as Reid, a phenomenon which turns out to be a common occurrence here at Rustici Software as we also have two Tims, two Brians, two Ryans and two Chrises. For writing purposes, it is helpful that they each spell it differently, but not very helpful when you’re saying their name out loud. So now we have Reid, and Reeeed (emphasis on the ‘eeee’).

    “My main hobby is making noise,” he proudly told me, and does so on the bass guitar, upright bass and keyboard. As far as musicians go, we have quite a few of those around here now (not so shocking for an office located in Nashville, I suppose) and the addition of Reed has me believing that my dream of hosting a Rustici jam sesh night is closer to becoming true! His love for music doesn’t stop at playing. He also really enjoys trading listening recommendations, so if you’re looking for some fresh tunes, he’s your guy.

    I don’t have a great segue for this next fact, so I’ll just say it. His favorite celebrity chef is Guy Fieri, which I find to be fantastic.

    Reed says he is clumsy and jumpy and scares easily, which is good news for Chris (our in-house scarer) and mostly just bad news for Reed.

    Reed’s a software developer, and we’re really quite pleased to have him here.