• Nathan Skirvin


    Nathan’s favorite color is green. Per Nathan’s request, the rest of our interview was off-the-record.

    (Author’s note: Nathan is a developer and a member of Team Delight here at Rustici. We are so glad you’re here, Nathan.)

    "That's so Rustici."

    For someone personally-beholden to proper grammar, using a noun for an adjective is obnoxious. And yet, even after only working here two months, I find it hard to resist employing this sin-against-English to capture the special sauce that is Rustici Software.

    What is “Rustici”? It’s dreaming big to capture worthwhile goals. It’s boundless creativity and peer respect. It’s hard work and daily ping pong practice. It’s freedom and empowerment to do your finest work, courtesy of first-class #jenafits worthy of emulation by industry leaders. It’s learning from intelligent, deep discussions with coworkers who have a diverse spectrum of interests and extensive knowledge bases. It’s feeling like you’re home on the first day of work, and eagerness to do your best because you actually have the chance to make a real contribution.

    So, yeah. If something captures the strange, wonderful magic of the unconventional essence of Rustici Software, I can’t resist. “That’s so Rustici.”