• Matthew Lefoster


    Matthew made his way from NASA to Rustici Software. Yes, you read that right, NASA. (!!) He might have launched his career at NASA, but we’re glad he landed here with us. (Get it??? That pun is dedicated to you, Andy.)

    Like many of us, he’s a runner, and unlike any of us, he’s a rapper that eats an “everything” bagel with cream cheese every…single…day likes to concoct unique and adventurous smoothies at the office (he’s moved on from bagels, it seems). Unconfirmed witness reports include seeing him add anything from coconut chips to salami in his smoothies. When asked to comment, Matt simply said, “I did, in fact, have 3 pounds of salami in the office, though it was never blended.”

    Matthew works on Team Engine, helping with SCORM Engine integrations, customer support, and some new software development.