• Hannah Smith


    I’m Hannah and I’m the office manager here at Rustici. No two days of mine ever look the same. One of the hats I wear is that of writing our employee bios. However, I felt like I shouldn’t write my own, so I asked my colleagues for help. Here’s what they had to say about me. For some all of them,  I FELT I NEEDED TO DEFEND MYSELF I’ve added my own commentary in parenthesis.

    “Hannah is the kind of person who will ask you for a ride to Chipotle, but then decide to drive herself while you’re waiting for her.” (Yeah, I don’t really have anything to say in defense of this. It happened.)

    “Despite being a native “English” speaker she can’t understand a single word of English spoken by an English person.” (Accents are really hard for me, and unfortunately I have to call the UK a lot. The struggle is real.)

    “Bag-el” (It’s true, I don’t really know how to say the word bagel. Or vague.)

    “Hannah offers to bring back food items and, sometimes, she does.” (And sometimes I forget to bring back food I offered to get people. I’m only human!!!! People make mistakes!!)

    “Hannah yells at people when she’s hungry.” (Hangry is a real emotion!!!)

    “She once force-fed the entire staff a gluten-free Tiramisu cake after forgetting to refrigerate it.” (Who knew that a cake would melt so rapidly?!)

    “She once stopped talking to me over a disagreement on chairs.” (Sigh.)

    “Sometimes she secretly takes her dog into TJ’s office, because he doesn’t like dogs.” (THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED!!!)