• Emma Lefoster


    Emma is super smart and has a thing for words. Her job before working at Rustici Software? NASA. Yes, you read that right, NASA. She may have launched her career at NASA but we’re glad she landed here. (Get it??? That pun is dedicated to you, Andy.)

    She went to school to study music and ended up with a philosophy and computer science degree. The big thing those things have in common? You guessed it: words. Her favorite rap musicians include lesser-known Aesop Rock and El-P along with lasting favorites Kendrick Lamar and Nas. She likes Plato (and Nietzsche and Kierkegaard) because of their style of writing. She used to actually sit down and read computer programming books as a child.

    When she’s not diving headfirst into huge software development projects at Rustici, like rewriting Engine’s upgrade tool, she’s busy being active in her city of Pittsburgh. We mean that literally: Emma is an activist involved in the city’s DSA chapter and she reads political theory in her spare time.