• Cody Hazelwood


    Cody is originally from East Tennessee, but MTSU brought him to the Nashville area and he’s decided he likes it enough here to stay!

    Cody really enjoys music. He insists that he doesn’t have a favorite genre or artist and that he listens to everything proudly, with the exception of one artist in which he seems to be a closet fan. We promised not to out him. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate….

    Other things about Cody? He’s a self-proclaimed Pixar fanatic, loves to hike in the Smokies, has a Golden Retriever named Sam and says one of the things he loves most about working at Rustici is that even though the work is hard, the fun we have while doing it makes it worthwhile. Aww, shucks.

    Update: It turns out that Cody really likes hot sauce. Saying that he ‘really likes’ it might be an understatement. There’s a chance he’s never eaten a meal that isn’t doused in a hot sauce of his liking. Our kitchen’s hot sauce inventory has grown since Cody joined us!

    Cody is working on our newest product, Content Controller.