Software Developer

We are looking for a developer to join our team. We expect that the right person is a developer that cares equally about doing great work and solving real problems customers have. The ideal candidate will be able to balance those sometimes competing priorities well.

We’re not hung up on a particular amount or type of experience, but we are adamant about a particular level of development skill. Particular languages are not crucial. In our world today Java & .NET are the most common languages we use but there is no guarantee we’ll use those languages for our next project.

Current Technologies

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Javascript
  • SQL (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server)
  • AWS

Make sure to check out “An Open Letter” from one of our CEO, TJ Seabrooks. It says a lot about what you need to know before emailing us about this job opening.

Each time we hire, we wait until we find exactly the right person. If that’s you, we really hope you’ll send your resume over to us with an email and your answer to our developer test.

How to apply

Make sure that what we get from you makes it painfully apparent that you are the right person. Make sure that you make it clear in your email or resume or whatever, that this job is important to you, that you want to work here, not just somewhere.

You will want to spend some time on our website, learn how we think and what we do. Get to know us if you want us to get to know you.