Inside Sales Associate

We have a wonderful problem. There are tons of people that are interested in the things that we do and the products that we sell. We have lots of people that sign up to get information, email us, call us and need guidance. We take great pride in our ability to help everyone we come into contact with, whether they’re a potential customer or not.

We need someone that can nurture all of these inbound leads and turn them into sales. This is a sales job — and we’re looking for someone that really wants to sell the things we make. We need someone to help us triage our inbound queries, lead calls and help us manage our established and growing pipeline.

We need someone that is friendly, super comfortable talking about technical topics, and the best at communicating the value of the standards and how our solutions help — written and spoken. The right person for us knows when to guide our fellow eLearning friends to a different solution, and when to offer our products (and which one) to help solve their problem. We want someone who could spot a prospect’s decision maker from a mile away, in the dark.

We need someone that can turn those that are interested in what we do into the ones that are absorbed with what we do.

How to apply

If this sounds like you (and also, if you’re most at peace when you’re digging around in a CRM), then you should talk to us. Come prepared to talk about your approach to sales and successes (and failures). Be ready to show us your sales chops. Send us your resume and why you think you’d gel with our sales team. We can’t wait to meet you!