I’ve been waiting for a guy like you

Posted by: Jena Garrett
Date: October 08, 2013
Categories: Culture, Hiring, The Office


Matthew LefavorWhen Jeff and I sat down to interview our newest employee, Matt Lefavor, I didn’t know what to expect. You see, Matt has officially taken my title of youngest Rustici Software employee. I held that position proudly for exactly 922 days. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t help but feel a tad replaced. But once Matt started telling us about himself, my feelings were drowned out by the chorus of this Foreigner classic.

I really have been waiting for a guy like Matt to come to work here at Rustici Software for so many reasons. He rocks a bowtie almost everyday, hence his nickname- Bowtie. He came to us from NASA. He writes music. He lets me call him Bowtie. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s a rapper. That’s right, people. He raps. I could barely contain my excitement. Want to sample the tracks that Matt’s laying down? Check this out.

Matt’s joining our SCORM Engine team, working on everything from integrations to creating new releases, with a side of support here and there. Want to learn a bit more about him, check out his bio.

I wish I could write a really awesome rap to welcome Matt to the Rustici family, but I’m lyrically and vocally challenged. Instead, I’ll just say “Welcome, Bowtie, we’re happy to have you here!”