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Cheers to the SANS Institute for being an awesome customer!

Last week we were incredibly excited to share a brand new case study for the SANS Institute. The case study describes the success they have using Content as a Service (CaaS) via Content Controller to help them distribute and manage training content. When we were publishing the case study, we couldn’t help but reflect upon […]


No Big Deal, or a Big Deal?

This week LTG (our parent company) announced the formal acceptance of their bid to acquire NetDimensions. Depending on who you are and what you know, this may or may not seem like a big deal, or even a potential threat. I wanted to quickly, publicly, and officially alleviate any concerns you may have. When LTG […]


More of the same

Welcome to week one of the post-acquisition Rustici Software world. I just thought I’d take a moment here to discuss one of the reasons we agreed to sell Rustici Software to LTG, because it’s not all about the money. Mike and I were seeking investment funding for Watershed, but we really weren’t on the lookout […]


Measure your success by the delight of your customers

Just having a great product is not enough.


We won two Grammys!

rustici software brandon hall award tin can api

Well, not really, but it’s the closest thing that the e-learning industry has to offer in the area of “prestigious awards for doing awesome things”.


Obsessive and Delightful

Rustici Software support delight

A few months ago, we asked our support staff (which is made up of project managers, and developers, and others) to focus on one word: delight.


Ben’s in the Fold

Rustici Software Ben

It just made perfect sense…


My Favorite Questions

Rustici Software ask us anything

On the topic of appropriate sides for schnitzel, the answer is always potatoes. The question is the preparation: fried, mashed, or potato salad?


“Good idea, let’s add that.”

Rustici Software

You must listen to your customers. It’s incredibly important.



Rustici Software Joe Donnelly

Joe’s mandate is simple: Keep our customers enthusiastically happy with our products and the service they receive from us.