It takes a lot to keep an eLearning application competitive in the industry. Just take a look at the changes to the “Best of Lists” over the years. These platforms provide a glimpse into the way the expectations for a learning product are evolving. Similarly, the ways in which we help and support our customers continue to evolve to help learning platforms meet their customers’ needs.

Now in addition to helping LMSs import, launch and track eLearning content, we’re adding reporting to the list with built-in, customizable reports that can connect to your application through the Rustici Engine Reporting Extension. Whether you’re building a new application or expanding the reporting features in your existing learning platform, you can leave the building and maintenance of your application’s reporting layer to us. By adding Rustici Engine’s reporting extension your platform can give your users answers to questions like:

  • Which training course is being played the most or the least?
  • Who is taking the most or the least amount of training?
  • How are the learners doing on the assessment tests?
  • Who has passed/failed this assessment?

The Rustici Engine Reporting Extension integrates with your application via an API that can be used to embed pre-rendered reports or send JSON data from Engine to a visualization tool you’re already using. The reporting extension makes it easy to represent all of the data stored in the Rustici Engine whether SCORM, xAPI, AICC, videos, or PDFs.

Let us help you do the heavy lifting on reporting so you can check off the reporting box, enabling you to deliver a more competitive platform. The reporting extension will be available in the Rustici Engine 2019.1 release available later this summer, so start planning now. Talk to us if you’re ready to let go of the complex reporting problems and focus on creating a great learning management system.

As Digital Marketing Manager, Tara takes care of all things data, overseeing our marketing systems and keeping an eye on reports and automation. She’s a serious skier – she got engaged in Vail and honeymooned in Banff.