What we make

We work in the e-learning industry, where there’s a massive amount of learning content and many different systems to play that content.

It benefits the entire industry if all of that e-learning content can be played in any learning management system, and that’s possible when the content and the learning management systems agree to use a standard way of communicating and playing e-learning content.

Those standards are SCORM and the Experience API, and we make products that make it easy for other companies to use these standards.

SCORM Engine

SCORM Engine is the easiest way to bring SCORM and Tin Can API conformance to your LMS. What once took massive amounts of time and work can now be done in just a few weeks. Launch SCORM and Tin Can packages, and have your very own Learning Record Store for your LMS.

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SCORM Cloud lets you deliver learning wherever your learners are. Deliver your content to an LMS while still maintaining control over it, invite learners to take courses in SCORM Cloud, or deliver to one of our app integrations (WordPress, Google Apps, etc.)

Each SCORM Cloud account comes with its own hosted Tin Can API Learning Record Store, capable of accepting Tin Can statements from any activity.

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SCORM Driver

SCORM Driver is the easiest way to create SCORM conformant content. You can even use it free (for non-commercial use.) It’s easy to configure SCORM Driver to send Tin Can API statements to any LRS, too.

Simply put, SCORM Driver is just the easiest way to work with e-learning content and e-learning standards.

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Tin Can API

The Tin Can API is the next-generation e-learning standard. We worked with ADL and the e-learning community to realize what it should be, and we wrote the first version of it.

We have products that make it easy for you to work with the Tin Can API, whether you’re an LMS, an organization without an LMS, or a content creator. We've also built the industry's flagship LRS, the Watershed LRS.

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