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As we said, the first question that always gets asked when we tell people that we’re looking for software developers is “what language?” … We don’t care. If you’re good enough to work here, then specific programming languages don’t matter.

If we had to say what languages are most important to us, they would be C#, Java, and JavaScript. If you’re not extremely proficient in these languages, don’t worry. We’re not going to breathe down your neck and hold your hand as you become familiar with the environments we work in. But, you should ask for the help and tools that you need to be excellent, and we’ll provide them.

We look for inquisitive developers: people that will take deep dives into new technologies, people that will ask questions to our existing developers, people that won’t wait to be told what to work on next.

We’ve said it already on this site, but we don’t look for a certain number of years of experience, we look for a particular skill level. You need to have an inherent awesomeness when it comes to architecture, debugging, and problem solving.

Make sure to check out “An Open Letter” from one of our owners, Tim Martin. It says a lot about what you need to know before emailing us about this job opening.

How to apply?

We’re exceptionally picky, so make sure to do your homework, then email with this information:

  • Why you want this job
  • Proof of your abilities (this varies depending on who you are…)
  • Stories, links, etc… something that conveys your competence
  • Your answer to our software test, if you'd like. (look at the comments in the HTML)
  • A resume, if you want
  • To read legal stuff about working with us, check this out.

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