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More of the same

Welcome to week one of the post-acquisition Rustici Software world. I just thought I’d take a moment here to discuss one of the reasons we agreed to sell Rustici Software to LTG, because it’s not all about the money. Mike and I were seeking investment funding for Watershed, but we really weren’t on the lookout […]


Big news from Rustici Software

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.56.39 AM

Today, I want to share a piece of news that’s really exciting for us. As of this morning, Rustici Software has been acquired by Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), a publicly listed learning technologies agency made up of specialist digital learning businesses. As a part of LTG, we’ll have the opportunity to work with the […]


Fortunately, Chris isn’t very good at betting.

Rustici Software Head Shave

Something amazing happened this month…


Obsessive and Delightful

Rustici Software support delight

A few months ago, we asked our support staff (which is made up of project managers, and developers, and others) to focus on one word: delight.


Benefits a la Rustici Software

Rustici Software Benefits

I thought y’all might like to see that there are companies out there that really do have good benefits…


Mark the Days

Rustici Haynesworth Challenge

It all started with Albert Haynesworth.


“She picked us. She actually picked us!”


Kudos to Susan on a bold approach to finding the right job.


My Favorite Questions

Rustici Software ask us anything

On the topic of appropriate sides for schnitzel, the answer is always potatoes. The question is the preparation: fried, mashed, or potato salad?


Urgent vs Important vs THIS

Rustici Software Cookie Intern

Today, I hired a cookie intern.


Support… Access and Desire

Rustici Software

Last week, I had an experience with a couple of consumer companies that got me to thinking about what we have to do well.